These Lady Fabulous Purse Hooks have a modern twist with the sleek silver frames.
Each purse hook is very durable, will fit on most tables and lays flat when not in use.
The no-slip base pad holds the purse hook securely on the table.
A silver ball sits on the end of the hook to secure your purse straps in place.
A soft protective velour carrying pouch is included with each purse hook.

Only * $15.00 * Per Purse Hook!

blue purse hook

Tree Purse Hook  $15.00


black purse hook

Rose Purse Hook  $15.00


black purse hook

Retro Purse Hook  $15.00


pink floral purse hook

Pink Floral Purse Hook  $15.00


blue floral purse hook

Blue Floral Purse Hook  $15.00


pink paisley purse hook

Paisley Purse Hook  $15.00